Live in Shizuoka with a view of Mt. Fuji every day and you will feel rich and comfortable living here.
This is how our international students live in Shizuoka.

Place to Live Let's find a place to live

There are various options to live in;
a dormitory or renting an apartment and another.

Life in Shizuoka How to live comfortably
in Shizuoka

What kind of things do you need to pay attention to
when living in Shizuoka?
Let's hear the advice from current students.

Job Let's find your part-time job

Find a part-time job for International Students.

Cost Let's see the comparison of living cost

In Shizuoka, you can live for less money than in Tokyo.

Emergency Response Be prepared for emergencies

Find out what to do in an emergency in case
you are injured or involved in an accident in Japan.