Be prepared for emergencies Emergency

Find out what to do in an emergency
if you are injured or involved in an accident in Japan.

Emergency Emergency Contacts

If you are injured or involved in an incident, call the following numbers immediately!

  • Emergency calls are connected 24/7. Calls are free of charge





Disaster Emergency message dial


This is a voice message board offered in the event of an earthquake or other disaster that could cause the jamming of the telephone lines.
Call 171, register your phone number, and record a message. People who want to listen to the recording can call 171 and enter the phone number to listen to the recorded message. This service is provided limitedly, and can only be used when a disaster makes it difficult to make a phone call.

Injured or Unwell When you get injured
or feel sick

Traffic Accident What to do
if you’ve had
a traffic accident

When you are a victim

Contact the police immediately.
If the accident is not reported, you may not receive a traffic accident certificate, which is required for insurance claims.
Confirm the address, name, vehicle number, date of insurance coverage, and insurance company of the driver and the owner of the vehicle (in case the driver is not the owner of the vehicle).
Even if the injuries are minor, be sure to get medical advice.

When you are at fault

Under all circumstances, do not run away and stay where you are.
Call the police.
If anyone is injured, take care of the person and call an ambulance.
Take other necessary measures to avoid additional accidents.

Trouble When you get
involved with
a trouble

In addition to the police station, there are police boxes with police officers in the town.
If you have lost something, get robbed, or get in trouble, first go to the nearest police box and consult the officer.

Disaster In case of a disaster

Unfortunately, there are risks of natural disasters in Japan like earthquakes.
You should learn and remember how to react in a disaster to be safe.

Stay safe from natural disasters

Prepare an
emergency kit
at your home

Prepare emergency supplies such as food and first aid kits.
You can purchase these items at supermarkets and DIY stores.

See Emergency Kit

Check the Hazard Map

A hazard map is a map that highlights areas that are affected by or are vulnerable to a particular hazard. It also indicates the evacuation center nearby.
By understanding the damage risk around your residence and knowing evacuation centers in advance, you can minimize the damage from the disaster.
Hazard maps are available on the internet.

View Hazard Map