Shizuoka is a “Department Store of Industry.”
Find the job that best suite you.
We have many people who support International Students to work in Shizuoka.

Industries Discover industries and
companies in Shizuoka

Shizuoka is known as a “Department Store of Industry” and there are various industries and companies in the prefecture. Let's take a look.

Job Hunting Must know for your
successful Job-Hunting in Japan

Learn about the Japanese style of Job Hunting called "Syu-katsu"- start early and get your ideal job before graduation

Status Changing your
residential status: important!

Holding the correct Residency Status is very important. Find out more about the process and get your new job smoothly.

Support Employment support

Shizuoka Prefecture welcomes friends who live here together. Your University and The Consortium of Universities & Local Communities in Shizuoka work together to support your life in Shizuoka

 The Consotium of Universities & Local Communities in Shizouka

Employment support services from The Consotium of Universities & Local Communities in Shizouka

We provide various employment supports for International students, in corporations with industry, government, and academia.
Interactions with the companies, interviews with the executives, listening to the graduates' stories, etc. Classroom lecture on employment support is also available for International Students.

Shizuoka International Business Association (SIBA)

Shizuoka International Business Association (SIBA)

We offer employment support to International Students who want to work in Shizuoka. For example, we organize company visit tours to see their job and invite local companies to gather at a venue to explain employment opportunities to International Students. You can check out our past activities through the SIBA channel.

SIBA Channel



Assist international students to get their jobs in Shizuoka by introducing various companies and having working international students explain how they got their jobs.
8 counselors for international students answer questions in their own languages regarding living or residential status.

Check out the handy website SIR