Discover industries and companies
in Shizuoka

Many companies have their head offices in Shizuoka.
More and more companies have their bases of operation in Shizuoka,
thanks to the priviledged location.

Industries Industries
in Shizuoka

Shizuoka is located in a privileged location. It's close to major cities such as Tokyo and Nagoya, and the main Tokaido Highway runs East to West. Thanks to this, many industries have evolved here at Shizuoka and we are called a “Microcosm of Japan” or an “Industrial Department Store”.
Shizuoka's GDP ranks 10th in the nation. Manufacturing industries are particularly active, and product shipments rank 4th in Japan.

  • GDP ranks 10th in the nation
  • Product shipments rank 4th in the nation.
  • Transportation equipments/parts
  • Agricultural cultivation
    (melon,mandarin orange)
  • Musical Instrument
  • Aquaculture
    (oysters, seaweed, eels, soft-shelled turtles)
  • Electronics
  • Source: Bank of Japan Overview of Industry and Finance of Shizuoka prefecture.

Global Company Global Companies in Shizuoka

Many companies in Shizuoka expand their business all over the world, especially in Asia.
693 companies in Shizuoka do their business in Asia, so you will be able to have many business connection with overseas in Shizuoka.

* Source: Department of Industry, Shizuoka Prefecture

Ranking Company sales ranking in Shizuoka

Discover the company sales ranking in Shizuoka.
Worldwide well-known companies have their head offices here.

  • Source: National Corporation List at the date of Nov 5, 2019
Companies Location
No.2Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd.Iwata
No.3Yamaha CorporationHamamatsu
No.4JATCO LtdFuji
No.5Shizuoka Bank Ltd.Shizuoka
No.6Maxvalu Tokai Co.,Ltd.Hamamatsu
No.7TOKAI Holdings CorporationShizuoka
No.8Yutaka Giken Co., Ltd.Hamamatsu
No.9F.C.C. Co.,Ltd.Hamamatsu
No.10Primearth EV Energy Co., Ltd.Kosai
No.11Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.Hamamatsu
No.12SHIZUOKA GAS Co.,Ltd.Shizuoka
No.13Suruga bank Ltd.Numazu
No.14Suzuyo Shoji Co., Ltd.Shizuoka
No.15Suzuyo & Co., Ltd.Shizuoka
No.16Cataler CorporationKakegawa
No.18NIHON PLAST CO., LTD.Fujinomiya
No.19FUJI KIKO CO., Ltd.Kosai