School is not the only place for learning.
Feel and learn the rich culture of Shizuoka

Tourism Let's go and find beatiful places

Breathtaking spots to view Mt. Fuji and hot springs are waiting for your visit.
How many places can you go during your stay?

Event Join local events!

You can join traditional and seasonal events that have been passed down over hundreds of years.

Gourmet Enjoy tasty meals!

Shizuoka is blessed with food sources from the oceans and mountains.
Let's try and enjoy various foods!

Culture&History Get involved with the tradition and culture

In Shizuoka, the tradition of craftsmanship is still passed down, and many museums and theaters exist.
Why don't you participate in cultural activities?

Sports Enjoy sports

Represented by soccer, Shizuoka is famous for sports.
Shall we work out together?

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