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What is “Study in Shizuoka”?

This site is intended to increase international students in Shizuoka by providing information on the charm of studying in Shizuoka. We also provide essential information for international students from the entrance exam to living safely in Shizuoka. The site is designed to assist the whole life span of potential students from coming, studying, and working in Shizuoka. Our goal is to become your partner in your international student life and after.

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The Consortium of Universities & Local Communities in Shizuoka was established on March 27, 2014,
for the following aims;

  • To deepen the cooperation among the higher education facilities in Shizuoka
  • To make a wide network with local government, industry, and NPOs
  • To develop the education and research power
  • To contribute to the development of the Shizuoka community.

On April 1, 2015, we became a Public interest incorporated foundation thanks to the certification from Shizuoka prefecture.

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