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Operating Organization About Us

This website is run by The Consortium of Universities & Local Communities in Shizuoka.
We were established on March 27, 2014, for the following aims;

  • To deepen the cooperation among the higher education facilities in Shizuoka
  • To make a wide network with local government, industry, and NPOs
  • To develop the education and research power
  • To contribute to the development of the Shizuoka community.

On April 1, 2015, we became a Public interest incorporated foundation thanks to the certification from Shizuoka prefecture.

Exchanges with Companies and Organizations Sessions to get to know companies and organizations

Corporate tour

We organize factory tours and company office inspections. It is an opportunity for international students to become interested in the workplace.

Promoting Internship

Some companies provide us with the opportunity of long-term internships for International Students. We set up an interview with 4 parties; the Company, us, staff from University, and International

Global Human Resource Development & Meetup with the companies in Shizuoka

We hold exchange meetings with companies in Shizuoka for International Students who want to work in Japan and for Japanese Students who are interested in overseas business and foreign languages. This exchange leads to internships and job matching.