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How to change your residential status when required

Support Changing residential status

Before working, Visa must be changed from "International Student" type to "Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services" type. Application for the Visa must be completed by the applicant him/herself at the Regional Immigration Office. You need to get help from the company you will be working for. Please contact your company and get help in the process.

If you cannot find a job before graduation, you can change your visa status from “International Student” to “Designated Activity” and you will be able to continue your job hunting for a year after your graduation. (First duration of this Visa is 6 months and can only be extended once. i.e. Maximum 1 year after your graduation)

Step Steps for changing your residency status

Prepare the documents required

There are many materials that the company needs to prepare. Please start early.

Check your application carefully

To avoid the re-application because of documentation errors, check your application carefully.

Check the schedule and apply early

Visa applications are generally accepted from January of graduation year so that International students will be able to work from April. (Nagoya Immigration Office, Shizuoka outpost accepts from Dec of the previous year)
If your application is not accepted, it will take time to be accepted for your re-application, so we recommend you do this procedure as soon as your employment is finalized.

Submission List of documents required for your status change

Documents that
YOU need to prepare

  • Passport (or travel certificate)
  • Residence Card
  • Change of status of residence permit application form
  • Resume
  • Reason of your application (optional)
  • Face Photo

Typical documents that you need
to get from Your Future Employer

(Vary depending on the type of the company)

  • Copy of employment agreement
  • Copies of the company registration (issued within 3 months of the application) and financial statement (balance sheet and profit and loss statement).
  • Company profile (Company's brochure)
  • Reason for employment (optional)
  • For more details, please study the immigration office HP.
    “Residential status: Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services”.

Documents that you need
to get from Your University

  • Original document of certificate of graduation. (Certificate of prospect to graduate also accepted)

What is the focus of the visa examination?

  1. The job requires your area of specialty (requires the knowledge of social or natural science)
  2. What you have been studying matches the job.
  3. Whether the treatment (such as salary) is appropriate
  4. Is the employment expected to be stable (judged by the size and performance of the company)?
    Does the company provide the work that requires your skill (i.e. no manual work)?


If your visa examination is denied, you will not be granted permission if you reapply with similar materials.
Check the above 4 focuses of the visa examination and rectify the point that caused the denial.

What happens if you cannot find a place to work in Japan during your time at your university

Even if you cannot find a place to work while you are in university, you can continue your job hunting after graduation by changing your residential status from “International Student” to “Designated Activity”

Documents that
YOU need to prepare

  • Change of status of residence permit application form (Avaiable at the Immigration Office)
  • ID Photo
  • Passport
  • Residence Card or alien registration certificate that is regarded as equivalent to residence card
  • Document certifying your ability to pay all of your expenses during your stay in Japan

The document you need
to get from the university

  • Recommendation from the university you were enrolled in just before the employment
  • For more details, please study the immigration office HP.
    “When an international student graduate from a Japanese university and plan to look for a job”

Assist Support for Residence Procedures

We, certified visa specialists, assist with immigration procedures in Shizuoka.
You can find a nearby visa specialist in your town. Please scan a QR code of your area from the PDF.
Please feel free to contact us!

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