Let's find your part-time job Job

Find a part-time job for International Students.

Point Important factors
in deciding on your
part-time job

It does not interfere
with your studies

Student visa does not allow you to work.
You need to get “Permission to engage in activities other than permitted under the status of residence” before you can work.

Wages and
payment methods

Daily, weekly, or monthly payment?
By cash or bank transfer?

Is the work safe?

Isn't the job dangerous, and what is the guarantee of accidents on the job? Ask your school for part-time job referrals.


Be careful of agents who emphasize that you can earn a lot of money while studying in Japan.

You will get 3,000 yen per hour.

The average hourly wage is
about 1,000yen.

You can earn 300,000 yen per month
while studying in Japan.

The wage you can get from
a part-time job is
about 59,000yen/month.

Prohibited part-time jobs
for International Students

It is prohibited to work in

  • businesses related to adult entertainment, bars, snack bars, and other works that serve customers
  • sexually-oriented works
  • businesses that stimulate the gambling spirit of customers (pachinko parlors, mah-jongg parlors)

even when washing dishes or cleaning.

Preparation Preparation required before starting your part-time job

Application required

Before starting a part-time job, you must apply for and receive approval for “Permission to Engage in Activity other than Permitted under the Status of Residence” from the Immigration Bureau. You may apply for this special permit at the time of new entry into Japan.

If you're already in Japan and have not applied for this permission when you came to Japan, you can apply for this permission additionally at the Shizuoka outpost of the Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau.

Documents required for

  • Documents are available at the Immigration and Residency Management Bureau office, etc. (They can also be downloaded from the Immigration Bureau's website.)
  • Passport and resident card (if issued)

Ranking Popurar part-time jobs for International Students

Restaurant industry
Sales and marketing
Factory assembly
Teaching assistant,
research assistant
Language teacher

* Source: Research on the life of privately funded international students 2021 (JASSO)