Shizuoka is a beautiful city with friendly people!

My name is Arvin Patria, and I come from Indonesia. I am a senior majoring in cultural anthropology at Shizuoka University’s Department of Sociology in the Faculty of Humanities and Sociology.

I became interested in Japan while learning Judo in elementary school. I decided to study in Japan because I wanted to understand how it became a developed country. Shizuoka was my choice for studying abroad due to its warm climate, ease of living, the large Indonesian community, and the various universities that provide a good learning environment. When I began my studies in Japan, I found that it offered many scholarships to international students, which gave them financial security; the people are kind, and the city is beautiful. My dream is to become the future Minister of Education in Indonesia.

I want to encourage young people to study abroad, learn advanced technologies, and use them for Indonesia's development. Studying abroad is the greatest investment one can make in their education. Even if one is anxious at the beginning, one’s dreams and goals will surely give one strength. For those thinking about studying abroad, I wish you all the best as you pursue your dreams.

Fourth-year student, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities and Sociology, Shizuoka Universit Mr. Arvin Patria

Born in Indonesia. Currently, a fourth-year student majoring in cultural anthropology in the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities and Sociology, Shizuoka University. Became interested in Japanese culture when learning judo. Also working as an entrepreneur in education-related business. Future dream is to become the Minister of Education in Indonesia in the future.