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About the University

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI was established in October 1988 based on a unique concept throughout the world, namely to foster first class researchers through doctoral course education programs by taking full advantage of the rich research environment and talent available at its affiliate inter-University Research Institutes (or IURIs). These IURIs are research institutes in different fields that universities nationwide use jointly. Each IURI functions as the core for a particular field of research, plays its part in leading research communities, and pursues international joint research.

The Department of Genetics is based on one of the IURIs, the National Institute of Genetics (NIG). NIG offers education and research opportunities in a variety of cutting-edge disciplines with the goal of investigating biological phenomena on the basis of genetic information. Study and research fields include molecular, cellular, developmental, behavioral, population, and evolutionary genetics, as well as genome biology and bioinformatics. Students can take advantage of a wide range of databases and genetic resources hosted by NIG.

To nurture independent researchers, the Department of Genetics adopts an educational philosophy that the academic guidance of each individual student is carried out by the entire faculty. For example, graduate students meet with their thesis committee twice a year to receive advice from faculty members outside their host labs. Other features of the Department include the Scientific Presentation/Writing Program and ample financial assistance opportunities such as our research assistant program.

SOKENDAI has begun to consider the transition to a new system (Graduate Institute for Advanced Studies, 20-program system) in April 2023, in order to foster the next generation of researchers who can work flexibly across disciplines to address complex and interdisciplinary issues (https://next20.soken.ac.jp/en/home).

  • The transition plans are tentative and subject to change.

Living Environment

There are some dormitories available to students.

Japanese Language Learning

Japanese language lessons are provided for international students of the Department of Genetics. Lessons are held in a small class and our instructor designs and offers lessons which fit individual levels.

Assistance and Services

The tutor system is provided for new international students. Support team (faculty and administrative officers) also supports international students not only in research and study but also in daily activities.


Students, who have financial difficulties and an outstanding academic record, may be exempted from their registration and tuition fees. They have to apply for the exemption and pass screening.
Student support loan is also available at the Department of Genetics.