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About the University

Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology (SIST) is an engineering and science university located in the city of Fukuroi in Shizuoka prefecture. The goal of SIST's foundation has been to cultivate creative engineers with integrity who will contribute to the regional community in keeping with the enthusiastic, local “YARAMAIKA” spirit meaning “Let's do it together.” The character of our education is to raise the ability of our students through one-to-one teacher-student relationships. We offer education that is designed to maximize career choices, specifically developing practical skills for long term career development.

Living Environment

Located nearby, NSK Warner company provides a dormitory for foreign male students. Housing for foreign female students is arranged through the Academic Affairs section. In the case that SIST becomes the guarantor on behalf of a student, students need to enrol in an existing insurance system.

Japanese Language Learning

Twice a week, there are Japanese classes for foreign students where basic Japanese is taught.

Assistance and Services

Foreign students' general lifestyle is supported through the International Exchange Center Committee, short excursions, Japanese and English speech contests and various other cross-cultural experiences.


Foreign students at SIST have a history of being supported in various ways through Ministry of Education, Science and Technology approved scholarships including from these organizations: Japan Student Services Organization(JASSO), the Heiwa Nakajima Foundation, the Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation and the Enkei Foundation.