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Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University / Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University Junior College


Academic Faculty
15(Junior College)
241(Junior College)
International Students
27(Junior College)
Percentage of international students enrolled by nationality

About the University

Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University and Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin Junior College began as Shizuoka Women’s School which was founded in 1887 by Canadian Methodist missionaries. As such Eiwa has a long tradition in education based on Christian values. In 1966, the Junior college was first opened and then, in 2002, the university was established. Both the junior college and the university are co-educational, and both of them are situated on the same campus.

The Department of Humanities and Social Science (Number of students to be admitted: 130 students, 10 students to be admitted as a junior) and the Department of Community and Social Welfare (80 students) are the two departments in the university.

In the former, students can choose courses in psychology, finance, management, tourism and community design, English literature, and Japanese literature. In the Community and Social Welfare Department, the main purpose is to gain national qualification in social work, child care and early childhood education.

The junior college is made up of the Department of Contemporary Communication (Number of students to be admitted: 100 students) and the Department of Food Science and Nutrition (80 students). In the former, business management, tourism,hotel, bridal, fashion and beauty, medical coding are taught in any combination, along with basic liberal arts. National certification as a utritionist and other qualifications can be received upon graduation from the Department of Food Science and Nutrition.

Living Environment

Eiwa does not provide student housing. Information about apartments is available at the Student Affairs Office of the university.

Japanese Language Learning

At the university, subjects such as Japanese Expressions, Japanese Recitation, Japanese Reading, and Japanese Writing Structure are offered to international students. All students can study such aspects of the Japanese language as useful expressions, allocution, comprehension and syntax. These will help students master the basis of the Japanese language as well as improve their command of the language.

In the junior college, only international students can enroll in Japanese 1, Japanese 2 and Japanese Culture.

Assistance and Services

The “Foreign Student Center” has been established since 2012. The center staff and academic staff provide students with consultations on their academic and living matters. Every semester all students are supposed to join a seminar group under the supervision of a professor who will act as an advisor. Japanese student volunteers are available to help foreign students with the Japanese language of their reports and essays. Free lessons for Japanese Language Proficiency Test are offered as well.


Students from abroad, experiencing financial difficulties, can apply for a reduction of their tuition fee. They can also apply for various scholarships from such rganizations as Japan Student Services.