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National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Numazu College


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About the University

KOSEN are higher educational institutions created for the purpose of furthering the development of our country's industry, and enhancing scientific and technical education. KOSEN have the object of providing the students with deep knowledge of their special- ized field and practical skills required for their job after graduation. They have a five-year curriculum through which to achieve their mission: to train capable engineers with a broad vision and specialist engineering knowledge and skills. Students enter KOSEN after their graduation from middle school.

KOSEN place emphasis on teaching practical skills that are directly related to the students' future jobs, educating them to have the ability to put theories into practice. Personal contacts between students and teaching staff are also emphasized.

Advanced Engineering Course, in accordance with the educational tradition of KOSEN, are aimed at fostering engineers having a well-rounded character with a broad perspec- tive and in-depth creative knowledge through research project.

Educational research is also conducted on a basis of technical cooperation with industri- al society, thus making it possible for the students to contribute to the development of culture and industry in the regional society.

Living Environment

As a general rule, international students are to live in the student dormitory. It is a five-minute-walk from the campus. About 400 students from the 1st to 5th year live there.

The dormitory is composed of six buildings for boys and one building for girls. Although there are some strict rules in the dormitory, all the students living there lead a happy life and they especially enjoy the domirory festivals held in spring.

Japanese Language Learning

At our KOSEN a special curriculum, including Japanese language teaching, is organized for international students.

Assistance and Services

Some teachers are appointed to give addvice and consultation to the international students concerning study and life at KOSEN.
In addition, Japanese students are appointed to be consultants (tutors) for assisting the international students.


At Present, we have international students who have received scholarship from the Japanese government, the Malaysian government and the Mongolian government.