Plan your “Study in Shizuoka” Flow

What you need to do in your country before studying in Japan.

University Flow Flow: Studying at university

7 steps for starting your student journey in Shizuoka, as a student of a universitiy/college


Information gathering

Let's check the Japanese language skills and fees required

Let's start with the information gathering for studying in Japan

Tips for information gathering

Your purpose
Why do you want to study in Japan? It's essential to clarify your purpose and goals
You need to plan your budget for the tuition, stay, and living cost
When do you want to start? For how long?
Plan ahead with the time required for preparation in mind.
Search for a school that meets your requirements
Once you have decided on your purpose of studying, search for the school that matches your requirement.


Select school

Request school information and application forms.
Check the admission qualifications and required examinations

After narrowing down your choice of potential Universities/Colleges/Schools, study the information to apply

How to gather the necessary informaiton

  • Let's check the website of each University


Take the examination.

The exams required for applying depend on the school.


Apply for admission

Submit the application form and necessary documents and pay for the application

Collect the necessarry documentation

Documents Required (example)

  • Application for admission
  • Admission application fee, application fee
  • Confirmation of Bank Account Balance (via financial institution written confirmation)
  • Transcript/confirmation of High School graduation
  • Written confirmation from Medical Professional regarding Health status
  • Language proficiency test score
  • Essay regarding your motivation to study in Japan
  • Letter of recommendation


Take the exam

Document screening, interview, and taking the entrance exam

Examination methods depend on the individual school but are generally proceed in the following order:
Document Screening → Entrance Examination → Interview → Notification of Acceptance

Flow of Exam

Document Screening → Entrance Examination → Interview → Notification of Acceptance


Admission Procedure

Documentation check, payment for tuition, payment for/arranging accommodation

Start preparing for your “Study in Shizuoka” when you receive the admission letter from the school.

Check the Admission Letter

Admission Letter is an important document for You to apply for your Japanese Student Visa

Pay for tuition

Arrange to pay for tuition without delay

Find accommodation

Find accommodation for your stay in Shizuoka when you receive the Admission Letter.

To find more about accommodation


Travel Preparation

Visa, Airline ticket and Insurance

Now it's time to prepare for your travel to Shizuoka

Visa application

Apply for a Student Visa as soon as you receive the Admission Letter

Airline Ticket

Once you decide on your departure date, book your flight ticket as early as possible

Insurance for International Students

Illness, injury, theft and compensation claims are covered by this insurance. We highly recommend you to sign up before coming to Japan.

1Year of Preparation “Study in Shizuoka” calender

This is an example of how you plan your “Study in Shizuoka”. It may vary depending on the purpose of your study, Plan ahead and prepare carefully.