Know your Campus life Campus Life

How Japanese students enjoy their campus life?
Let's take a look!

Campus Calendar Typical Year

Japanese university students spend their first year as shown below
(may vary depending on the university)

Daily Routine A day routine

Let's take a look at a day of a student

  1. 9:00
    First period class (from 9:00)
  2. 10:40
    Second period class (from 10:40)
  3. 12:10
    Having lunch at the canteen (from 12:10 to 13:00)
  4. 13:10
    Third period class (from 13:10)
  5. 15:30
    Working on assignments in a cafeteria
  6. 20:00
    Part-time job or Club activities

Support Support services for International Students

We have plenty of support services for International Students in Shizuoka
Main support from your school, and the secondary suppott from The Consortium of Universities & Local Communities in Shizuoka
These two organization will help relieve your anxiety and help you enrich your study experience in Shizuoka.

Support services from your University

Support office for International Students

At the university, specialized staff will support international students.
They provide various supports, such as admission guidance, course registration consultation, new student welcome parties, international exchange events, and Japanese living consultations

The support from The Consotium of Universities & Local Communities in Shizouka

We provides plenty of activities like a Learning event of Japanese and International Students, joining an events, etc.
Please discover the services and events we provide.

Support services from The Consotium of Universities & Local Communities in Shizouka

We hold various International Exchange tours for both International & Japanese students in Shizuoka to discover Shizuoka together and get to know each other.

Employment support

Interactions with the companies, interviews with the executives, listening to the graduates' stories, etc. Classroom lecture on employment support is also available for international students.

Work in Shizuoka is here

Subsidizing JLPT application fee

We subsidize the examination fee of JLPT N1 for its successful candidates

Traffic rules / Tips for living in Japan

We hold lectures on "The living & safety rules in Japan" for International Students in Shizuoka.

Supports from Administrative scrivener

“Administrative scrivener group in Shizuoka” is a group of professionals specialized in legal documentation. They provide free consultations once a month regarding residence qualifications.

Support for a better learning environment for International students

Black & White copies are free for International Students