Company visit by international students

Company visit by international students

International students visited Komatsu Industry Co., Ltd. in Hamakita, Hamamatsu City.🚶‍♂️
We also got to see the factory!

Komatsu Industry Co., Ltd. is a company that designs and manufactures precision press parts for automobiles and other products. Auto parts require high quality!
What's amazing is that in addition to manufacturing parts, they also manufacture press molds!

Pressing makes a lot of noise, but the factory has excellent noise control measures and you won't hear any noise when you go outside. The factory is air-conditioned, making it easy for workers to work.
Efforts were made to be kind to both workers and the environment.

There are not many opportunities to talk with the president!
Although the international students seemed embarrassed, they were able to interview them one by one to ask them all the questions they wanted to ask. It might lead to an internship soon!? Please do your best.

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